Author E.L. Ervin

E.L. Ervin is the author of the “Powers of Ezron” sagas.

Michael Hanson and the Desolate Woods (Powers of Ezron #1)
Book Description:
Michael Hanson’s high school peers think he’s weird, at least in part because of the golden armband that’s been there since birth and grown as he grew. But he doesn’t let it bother him. He’s got two good friends, a loyal (if sometimes annoying) little sister, and two parents who love him. He’s figured out he’s adopted, but other than that, he doesn’t think there’s anything exceptional about him.
He’s wrong.
Just before his fifteenth birthday, the symbol on his armband begins to glow, and Michael starts waking up floating over his bed. Little by little, through the guidance of the winged beings Ethan and Izra, he learns who he is—a powerful immortal from the ancient bloodlines of Earth.
Together with his sister and friends Trenton and Anya, Michael explores a fantastic world of magic and unseen dangers, where a rogue immortal whose plans for gaining power and wreaking havoc threaten total destruction.
To fulfill his destiny and defeat Zaric, Michael will have to master his new powers and accept help from the unlikeliest of allies. If he fails, Michael’s immortality won’t outlast his adolescence.

“Another fascinating YA Fantasy novel that captures the ever-loving clash between good and evil, awesomely. It is mysterious, funny, witty and I feel that this series will be up there with Jk Rowlings, J.R.R. Tolkeins, Rick Riordans and all of the other great fantasy reads. Michael Hanson and the Desolate Woods is just an amazing book that I could read over and over again. This book is well worth the journey and if I could sum it all up in one word, it would be “INCREDIBLE”.” by Peyton Siruski

“I freakin LOVE it and can’t wait for the rest of the series! It has all the great elements of a fantastical fiction novel: MAGIC, ADVENTURE, FRIENDSHIP, DANGER, LEGENDS, WIZARDS…and more! AND its just a great freakin book, get it? I recommend this novel to ALL of the Percy Jackson, LOTR, Harry Potter, Hunger Games, and ALL fandoms. You will absolutely love this book. It isn’t like any of the series above, but can definitely stand on its own and compete with the best.” by Milos Hernandez

About E.L.Ervin:
E.L. Ervin began writing stories when she was five years old, completing an entire novel at eight years old. She started working on the Michael Hanson series in the summer of 2010, when she got the idea to merge her former novels into a fantasy series. At that time, Ms. Ervin was still serving in the U.S. military and was not able to finish the series. But after seven and a half years of service, Ms. Ervin left the US Navy to focus on raising her son, getting her B.S. in Biology and pursuing her dream of writing. She currently resides in Virginia Beach, where she is happily writing and typing away!

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