Sarah Crossan: Rich, Famous and Happy!*

Of course we are! Who dare to say we are not?


Rich, Famous and Happy!*

Look, don’t listen to these writers telling you that being published isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. We’re poor? Ha! Lonely and unrecognised? Rubbish. Unhappy and dissatisfied with almost every success? I deny this completely. I deny it all, I tell you. The truth is that we’re all loaded, famous and infinitely smug about our lot in life. So please start showing us the respect we deserve.

Firstly, who says writers aren’t rich? Pah! I’m minted, and I’d show you my diamond encrusted tiara to prove it, except my PA just locked it in the safe along with my gold bullions. And anyway, to get you into my castle you’d need to find a way over the champagne-filled moat. The helicopter is out of use at the moment, I’m afraid. Actually, I better call my agent about that, tell her to sort it ASAP. That’s…

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