Exodus by Drew Avera


4 of 5 stars

This was a great story. From the beginning to the end.
Drew described the use of future technology, told as everyday items, “what?, this? nothing special, we fire a gauntlet with our mind every day since I can remember”; the kind of communicators they use, the media devices that are like holographic TVs, and the Serum, which is some kind of medicine that allows you to not feel pain, to go days without sleep, and to not feel hungry, I could use some serum sometimes!
The main character Serus, is described on a way that makes you think you know him, as a friend. The fact that the story is told in first person adds a special connection with him. You want to kill his enemies and save the ones he loves.
I even yelled on my mind “I knew it!” when something-that-I-wont-tell-because-it-is-a-spoiler happened.
It had some minor grammatical errors and that’s why I dont give it 5 stars, nothing that can’t be fixed in the future.
I really liked this book and I will read the second part, because I want to know what happens next.

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