The Dream Walker by Michelle Murray

dream walker

3 of 5 stars

I give 3 stars to The Dream Walker, and I am very sad that I can not give more.
I really loved the story, it has everything a fantasy story should have, a hero that slowly discovers her powers, a journey, a battle, magical creatures, a forest, dragons, a king…
I loved it, and I read it in one day, that is a giant accomplishment for me, having a toddler, a house to run, pets to feed and books to write.
Normally I dont let the grammatical errors to influence the rating, I separate the writing from the story, I rate the story and usually take 1 star out if it has many errors, but this book seemed like it wasn’t even fixed with the Word’s spell checker, let along being read and edited by a professional editor.
I will read the second book this week and I truly hope it gets better.
As I said the story was amazing, Miranda, the main character, is a sweet and smart girl learning about all this magic that she possesses and doesn’t hesitate when she has to leave everything, even if temporally, to go help the ones calling for her help.
I honestly can not wait to know how the story continues.

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