The Impossible Medallion (The Diary of Janie Ray, #1) by Lila Segal

janie ray1

4 of 5 stars

To be honest, I downloaded this book because it was free at and I liked the pink cover.
I opened it on my kindle to see what was about, and I found myself standing next to the kitchen table for an hour reading. I didn’t stop reading to take a seat. I finished the book quickly, it is a short story.
Janie is an eleven-year-old girl that starts writing on a diary that her mom bought for her with the condition that she will use it, so she is writing down everything, every day of her normal life. At first this every-day stories are a bit boring, but then her adventures start when she and her best friend travel on time.
It was, as I said a quick read, but it was funny and enjoyable, ideal for young kids.

Download here


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