At One’s Beast by Rachel Barnard

At ones beast

5 of 5 stars

This book was perfect.
From the cover, which I’ve dedicated a few minutes to admire, to the story, a classical fantasy love story, to the message that is left as a moral, to see everyone as equals despite their look.
Zos is a 10-year-old boy that was “marked” by the beast, or so the town’s inhabitants believe, he is exiled and separated from his mother at such young age. He is forced to live in the forest and to learn how to provide for himself.
Year after year the town offers someone as sacrifice to the beast, fearing that if they don’t, then the beast will come back to the town and destroy it.
The story has so many twists and while you hope for the best, you just can’t imagine how the conflict will be solved, if it can be solved.
The way is written is perfect, Rachel’s words are beautiful, how she describes the characters, the environment and the scenes is just delightful.
I enjoyed this book so much that once I finished I wanted more.
I recommend it to everyone that loves fantasy stories.

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