The Dream Walker Returns by Michelle Murray

dream walker returns

3 of 5 stars

A great book is more than just a great story.
“The Dream Walker Returns” is a great story with a huge potential to be a great book, but is missing something.
When I started reading about the old man and the boy that released Shadow from his stone prison (see, I finished reading the book half an hour ago and I can’t remember the man and the boy’s name, that is something that can not happen in a great book, all characters are memorable), I thought this book was going to be better than the first one, with more action, better descriptions and less errors.
Soon after their short introduction, the book started to bore me.
There were way too much description about Mystica and what happened in the first book, that just made me think “I already know this, can we move on?”
Then, when we finally move from the facts that were already told on the first book, the book fall into the grammatical and punctuation hole again. Repeated words, typos and a bad formatting that keeps distracting me from the story.
As I said it has potential, and the story, the plot and the characters are amazing. It can be better, a lot better, it just needs a lot of work and professional editing.

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