Between by Clarissa Johal

Between by Clarissa Johal

Between5 of 5 stars

This book had me hooked to it from the first page, I hated feeling my eyelids falling of tiredness because I knew I had to close it and leave it to the next day.
It is intriguing and sometimes scary and funny.
I wanted, no, I needed to know what was going on. Who is Lucas? Who is Cronan? Why are they always around Lucinda? What.Is.Going.On.Here?
Sometimes it felt like watching a movie, I even cried twice, with scenes at the Animal’s Hospital.
Clarissa’s way of telling the story is perfect, she tells just enough to leave you wondering what happened in the past, and what is happening now.
I loved how the story ended and I wish there would be more to tell about Lucinda’s experience with spirits.
I would also want to know more about Marny, her story, why she is living in that town and if she will find a boyfriend someday.
I recommend this book, not just to the paranormal fiction lovers, but to everyone. I am not a paranormal reader and I loved it.

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