Kiss of Death by Sandra Ely

Kiss of Death (Immortal Hearts, #2) by Sandra Ely

Kiss of death

4 of 5 stars

Kiss of Death is the second book on the Immortal Hearts series, and, since I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review, I haven’t read the first book (yet), however I could understand the story perfectly.
Sandra gives just enough detail from the previous book so you can catch up with this story.
The book is very well written and I found it entertaining and exciting. I really like Leah and Beau and how they try to fight their feelings and do what they think is best despite where their current situation leads.
At some point I thought “Hey, Sandra must be a vampire too, otherwise there is no way she can describe with so much detail what a vampire feels”. So, I guess she is either a vampire or a very good writer. I think I will go with the second choice.
I will definitely read the first book and the ones that follow.
I recommend it to vampire’s stories lovers and anyone 16+ that wants to read a short and exciting story about love, friendship and loyalty.

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