Author Quintessa Turner Spotlight

Quintessa Turner is the author of “The Devil Was Once An Angel: Never Trust London”

“The Devil Was Once An Angel: Never Trust London”
The devil was once an angel

Revenge is at an all time high. London will do whatever to whoever in order seek REVENGE. Nobody is safe, and nobody can be trusted! They say “Every dog has its day” and that “Satan was once was an angel.” Will London seek revenge or will revenge seek her in the mist of her trying to prove a point?


“This book will have on your toes make you think that you are a part of it you will not be able to put it down can’t wait for part 2 and 3 NEVER TRUST LONDON” by heavenly

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About the Author

Quintesa Turner

Quintessa Turner was born and raised in Covington, Kentucky  in a single parent house hold, with her mother. When she was nine years old she became a resident of Cincinnati, Ohio. Poetry was a vision that God had given her when she was in elementary school.

Every day when she was in her language arts class she would write poems along with another student until the notebook was full. She never had the intentions to have the poems published, she just wanted to write and rhyme.

That vision soon faded but, her passion for reading urban fiction books grew.  Reading, work and school became a Hobby. Author’s such as Nikki Turner, Sister Soulja, Carl Weber and many more made her feel like she was an actual character in their book. That’s when she knew that she wanted to be an author, but she didn’t know where to start so it got pushed in the back of her head.

After having three kids and being married Quintessa moved to Atlanta Georgia. Even though her hands were full she still managed to read every day no matter where she was.

Dealing with the problems that she faced and trials she had to overcome. Reading the books made her feel like she could really take the time to write now. She felt like her life was like a book and no two chapters were the same. The struggle was tough in the beginning when she first started writing her first book: The Devil Once Was An Angel “Never Trust London”. It took months of picking up a note book and putting it back down to telling herself of this is it. This book has to get done.

With the encouragement of her husband, Author Tori D ( Loyal to Love), her graphic designer Aija Monique, and family and friends she manage to bring the book to life. It took everything in her to make the book a finished project.

The Devil Once was an Angel is a book Series, that will blow your mind. With God’s guidance, Quintessa plans to take you for a literary ride you will never forget. Stay tuned for what’s next as you remark on the adventures of The Devil Was Once An Angel.

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