Project “The diary of Amanda” on Pubslush

The “Stories of the Fairy of my Dreams” project started on February of 2013 when I decided to translate and publish one of my favorite stories.

Soon I realized that it had a lot of potential to become a full length book, not just a short story, so I added other stories that I wrote years ago, and created the “Dreams” that are shown as the chapters of the first book.

When I decided to add Melanie, the main character to become the glue of all these dreams, I noticed how complex the Kingdom of Astebeth was, and how many other stories could have place in there.
What at first was meant to be a short story, was becoming a trilogy.

My main purpose by writing this series of books is to bring the fantasy back, the old-fashioned fairy tale kind of fantasy that I read when I was a child.
I want children to be engaged on healthy fantasy stories, to work with their imagination and to be exited about opening a book because they know how many adventures they will find inside.

The first book of the trilogy was released on December of 2014 and is available to buy on Amazon, B&N and Indie Bound.

I am happy to see that people seem to like it, the ones that read it and wrote a review agree that it is a great book for children and teens, and they all said it reminded them of the books they read when they were young.

However, I found extremely difficult to promote the book and to reach my audience: Children.

With a constantly growing market, it is hard to get an indie book to be seen, and, even if people found it, the fact that is written by a new independent author, make them think twice before clicking the buying button.

I will not give up on my mission of bringing the fantasy back to our children, even if it takes more time and effort than I expected, I will make sure that the old fashioned fantasy literature is back in every child’s bookshelf.

If you want to support this project, please visit the following link:

Check out the rewards for every donation level.

Every help is very much appreciated

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