Catnip by J.S. Frankel

Catnip by J.S. Frankel

5 of 5 stars

This book was excellent.
Starting with the cover, which I still can’t stop looking, to the perfectly written and edited words, to the plot and characters. Everything was just amazing.
From the beginning I found myself liking Harry, the description of his past was a very important subject, being an only child and victim of bullying, it marked his personality and played a significant rol in the story.
Now, Anastasia, if I find myself in her position, I wouldn’t mind being half cat and half woman, but of course I understand her frustration for not knowing who did that to her and having no memory of her previous life as an entire human being.
The action scenes are incredible well written, when there was a fight I couldn’t stop turning the pages, it kept me hooked to it and wanting more.
There isn’t much more I can say without spoiling the story, I had an idea of what was going to happen, then I changed it at half the book, then came back to the main idea, and then something completely different happened. It was THAT good.
I recommend this book to everyone, young, adults, everyone who likes cats, dogs and bears and a great story about transgenic experiments.
I look forward to read more about J.S. maybe my next pick will be Death Bytes

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