True Colors by Melissa Pearl

True Colors by Melissa Pearl
True colors

5 of 5 stars

I loved the book from the beginning. The writing style makes you feel like you are just chatting with a friend while you drink coffee. It flows naturally and it makes it easy to connect with the main character, Caitly.
When she first discovers she new gift, the ability to see other people’s emotions behind their masks, she deny it. She doesn’t want to know that he best friend and her boyfriend really dont care for her and only keep her close because they need something. She feels betrayed and sad, nothing that the boy next door, Eric, can’t help with. They are a super cute couple, and Caitly can´t understand how this super handsome guy fell for her, but she gets used to it and learn to just enjoy it.
The rest of the characters are well developed and feel real, specially Libby, she is, after Caitly, my favorite character.
The book is well written and the plot keeps you interested during the entire book, the last 80 pages flew through my fingers for I couldn’t stop reading.
I recommend this book for everyone 16+ that love a supernatural story with a little romance, very age appropriated and sweet.
Looking forward to reading Two-Faced, The Masks #2 and more books by Melissa.

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