Down the Wormhole by Ana Franco

Down the wormhole by Ana Franco

3 of 5 stars

I can’t say that I liked this book, it wasn’t completely terrible neither, but I just couldn’t get into it.
The characters were annoying and childish most of the time, they are supposed to be gods that were exiled to this earth for whatever reason that is never explained, and they are living under the human bodies of teenagers.
Their human shapes, that I assumed are meant to disguise themselves as gods are teenagers, but not them, they are still gods, and they should act like that. Instead, they act like spoiled teens that don’t have a clue of what they want.
I had to skip several paragraphs trying to find something exciting but I couldn’t.
The writing style isn’t one that helps the story flows, and the dialogues are not natural from my point of view.
The story has potential and if you think about it there could be countless adventures in a world where gods walk among us, with or without their powers.

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