Author Vicky Kaseorg Spotlight

Vicky Kaseorg is the author of the best-selling smash hits, I’m Listening With a Broken Ear, God Drives a Tow Truck, Tommy a Story of Ability, The Good Parent, the Illustrated 23rd Psalm, and Turning Points- the story of a WWII Milne Bay Gunner, Saving a Dog, How to Train a Human, and The Tower Builder.

Her most recent book is Joe, The Horse Nobody Loved
Joe, an ugly and unloved horse trusts no one. And no one trusts him. Until Vicky. This is the story of a troubled horse, and the little girl who loved him. Based on the true adventures of her childhood fifty years ago, the author’s horse, Joe, teaches the lesson that sometimes beauty is not skin-deep, but heart deep, and that the unloved have much to show us about the true nature of love.


“What a wonderful coming-of-age story! It is a love story packaged in many different layers of heartache, naivete, trust, and faith. Written by the author almost fifty years later, it is a true story of a young girl’s devotion to the horse she loves, and her adventures along the way to earning respect, trust, and mutual admiration. This time in her life helped shape the compassionate person that the author was to become, and the writing uncovers real truths about the value of courage, hard work, and empathy for all living beings. A great read!” by Wendy Ceccherelli

“Once I started this book I could not put it down. I’m very visual and I judge a story by my ability to “see” the book as I read it. I saw every character and all of the scenery! It’s a great read about a shy young girl, her family and her love of horses. I’m getting this book for my granddaughters to read and for my daughter to read to her elementary classroom. It’s good for a huge age range- something you don’t find today!! I’d highly recommend this book. I consider it to be her best yet!” by Luana Marler

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Another lovely book about this author is The Paws That Bring Good News (The Whippoorwill Chronicles Book 2)
Is life precious? Worth saving at all costs?
Whippoorwill No-Kill Shelter Committee members, Angela and Danielle, ask the same question…for different reasons. Newest resident, Danielle, is wrestling with a desperate decision, and Angela’s reeling from a ransacked home and uncertain romance. Two mischievous Carolina dogs are sniffing for solutions.
Missing shelter funds, a slashed couch, painful secrets, gunshots in the woods…someone is up to no good. And lives are hanging in the balance.

Exclusive excerpt

Just as Angela was turning away from the door, a car pulled into the driveway. Angela had a casserole dish in her hands. The driver must be Danielle, she thought, and just in time! She would have called but hadn’t had Danielle’s phone number. She was determined to make this troubled young lady feel welcomed, just as Chris and so many in the town had done for her. She’d been disappointed when she rang the doorbell and no one answered. Not only was her generosity to go to waste, but she was not exactly Betty Crocker and had slaved over the casserole…twice. The first time, an unfortunate ingredient substitution didn’t work.

“I brought you dinner,” said Angela, as the young woman stepped out of the car, a questioning look on her face, “I’m your neighbor. I mean…sort of. I live a couple of miles or so down the road. That’s a neighbor in country talk.”

“Well hello! This is kind of you. I’m Danielle.”

Angela noticed right away that Danielle’s eyes were red-rimmed, with a glaze of not too distant tears.

“Pleased to meet you. I’m Angela. And this is Chicken and Rice. I don’t cook much but this one dish I perfected…just today, in fact! I hope you like chicken.”

“I love it! And you have timed it perfectly. Would you like to come in?”

“I can’t,” said Angela, “I am scurrying to get ready for a meeting, but I did want to introduce myself and also invite you to the meeting.”

“Oh? What kind of meeting?”

“The local animal shelter is starting a committee of townspeople who want to designate it as a No-Kill shelter. It’s a small town, and a whole bunch of great people are on the committee. I think there are eleven of us now. You would be the 12th member if you are interested. I’m friends with Chris Rey and he told me you love dogs and you seemed interested in the idea.”

“Oh Chris! He is such a kind man. Yes, I remember now. He did mention it.”

She paused, wondering how she could possibly face anyone with the turmoil inside her.

“It is at 7 tonight, at the shelter office. Just a mile from you. I can pick you up. You’d have a couple of hours to enjoy my one culinary claim to fame!”

Danielle laughed, taking the casserole dish that Angela handed to her.

“Well then, yes. Thank you. I would like to meet some neighbors. The people I have met so far seem very nice.”

“They are,” agreed Angela, “I have only been here myself about six months, but they feel like family. Well, I gotta scoot, but we can visit more when I come get you…if that works for you.”

“Thank you, but you know, I think I better drive myself. I have some…reading I will need to do tonight and in case I need to duck out early…”

“Sure,” said Angela, “I understand. You know where the shelter is?”

“I do,” said Danielle, “I walked through the town this morning for a bit. Not far from the police station on the east end, right?”

“That’s the place. Well, enjoy the chicken, and I will see you soon.”

Danielle waved as Angela pulled away. She slowly opened her front door and felt the tears start afresh. She felt a wave of nausea, and then a tightening in her chest. The pain radiated to her neck, and she nearly dropped the casserole. Sitting down, she took deep breaths wondering if this were a heart attack, or pregnancy, or anxiety. She realized she was frightened…she didn’t want to die. What a strange feeling to worry of dying when an hour ago, she had wished she could die. Even as she was despairing of life, she clung to it. The sudden spasm of nausea and pain passed. Danielle still sat, the casserole dish in her lap, still wrapped in a towel Angela had so kindly left with her. She peeled back a corner of the tinfoil, and the scent of compassion wafted on the rising steam.

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About the author

Vicky Kaseorg is the bestselling author of 13 books. At the root of all her work is a deep faith and spiritual quest, though not all her books are explicitly religious.
“I may not mention God by name, but His fingerprints are all over the place,” Kaseorg explains.
Actively involved in dog rescue and right-to-life groups, many of her books explore the plight of homeless dogs, and the sacredness of life, particularly human life. Her works are safe for any age group, appealing to a wide audience.
The goal of Kaseorg’s writing is to inspire.
“I write books I want to read,” she says, “Books that inspire, convict my soul, make me think, and make me want to be a better person than I was before reading them.”
Vicky Kaseorg is an artist, writer, and homeschool teacher for the past 20 years. Two of her children have graduated, and one is still homeschooled. Vicky, her husband, daughter, two dogs, and one parakeet reside in North Carolina. When not writing, drawing, or teaching, Vicky is volunteering with animals, or kayaking, or skiing, or bicycling, and looking for God in the tiny details of the world around her.

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