Nightsongs: The Necropath, Book 1 by Christian Masters

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Something is beginning here. Something dark. Though perhaps also, something beautiful.

The words of one of the characters from the book rings also true to the book itself. In “Nightsongs: The Necropath, Book 1”, Christian Masters has created a sprawling world of darkness and mysticism, yet grounded and human. In it, you can glimpse that there is much more going on behind the scenes, mainly due to the richness of the characters portrayed. Though some being supernatural or wielders of great power, they are subjected to the same problems and struggles that most of us are.

It is a world of betrayal, hope, deceit, love, and loss. And it is also a world of darkness and fear.

From the moment young Steven witnesses his mother’s death at the hands of a monster called Gothic, he was marked and followed all his life until the moment of feeding would come. Meanwhile, his friend David is betraying him with his wife, while also having an affair with Melissa, a woman obsessed with finding true love.

So the stage is set for the collision of these characters, where the lines of morality are inevitably blurred. As the power struggle between David and Melissa gets more intense, so too does the impending moment of confrontation of Steven and David with Gothic. But this is not all, as Melissa is also a witch, and a quite powerful one at that, able to bend reality itself. As the tension mounts between the multiple power struggles, the very fabric of reality is at stake.

Needless to say, this is an intense read, with such strong characters and intricate storytelling, it is clear that the author has carefully crafted each page to balance every aspect of the story into a perfectly cohesive whole.

A great read and a book that demands your attention to the last word, and after you put it down, you will no doubt be anxious to read the following book in the saga.


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