Christian Masters Spotlight

Christian Masters is the author of “The Necropath” series.

Nightsongs: The Necropath, Book 1


Synopsis: “The mon’ter killed my mommy!” A “monster” called Gothic. Not yet three years old, Steven Pierce watched his mother murdered by an angry lover. More horrifically, a “monster” finished her off, and marked young Steven as his, going forward. As Steven grows up, he struggles with the demons that followed him, not realizing that the actual demon, the “monster” really was following him, feeding upon his blood, manipulating his dreams, twisting his thoughts, sweetening his blood for the ultimate final feeding. Unaware that Gothic has always been near, terrifying memories of that night, “The Night of the Crime”, have haunted Steven as reached manhood. Now, years later, in his own failing marriage, Steven is offered help by a friend. Successful and ruthless real estate developer David Garrison, however is having an affair with Steven’s wife, and sees an opportunity to evade discovery of the affair – using his own considerable resources to help Steven discover what really happened that night. As the secrets are peeled away, no one involved is ready for what they will discover and the terrifying implications. But David has a problem of his own. In addition to sleeping with Steven’s wife, he begins an affair with a wealthy, beautiful heiress. Melissa Thornhardt is no one’s plaything. All she’s ever asked for is for True Love. She has sought all her life for her “Intended”, her one true love. Now that she’s met David she’s certain he’s the one. There is more to Melissa however than a romantic nature. In addition to beauty, brilliance, power, and wealth, Melissa takes part in other family traditions, notably the Family Magic. She is a very skilled witch, and uses her powers to influence the world around her. No one in her family is accustomed to being told “no”. But this is especially true of Melissa, who bends reality, the will of others, their thoughts, their experiences, to her own bidding. And with this power, she draws her Intended, her true love. She has sought her true love, dueled Fate for it, and no one will deny her. David is a playboy, as committed to debauchery as was his father. He enjoys Melissa’s passion, but not her obsession. He soon wants to be rid of her as much as she wants all of him. He recognizes her presence when he hears her “night songs” playing, a soundtrack to her intense passion and limitless tenacity. Hell hath no fury like a woman’s scorn. And hell has never dreamed of a woman like Melissa Thornhardt. The inevitable collision of Melissa’s and David’s wills is the classic story of an irresistible force meeting an immovable object. But where this collision coincides with David and Steven confronting the murderer, the “monster”, no one could have expected what happened next. For as they are told, “there’s no such thing as vampires”, Gothic seems to be just that. What they don’t realize is that this outcome may even threaten to tear the very fabric separating the Living from the Dead, Day from Night, Living from the Living Dead.

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The Necropath Book .666: Gothic Immortal

necropath 2Synopsis: “There is no such thing as vampires!” He’d heard it so many times, though now it elicited only a knowing chuckle. For even if his kind did not use the term, “vampire”, preferring “necros”, it was all bloody semantics in the end. Gothic became a necros in 1891, something that, if it wasn’t actually a vampire, was damned close. He could change his form, “push” and “pull” thoughts from the minds of others, move more quickly than the eye could perceive, and he could kill more efficiently and with greater violence than anything he’d ever imagined. Upon being born into the blood, Gothic learns to use his new capabilities to indulge his violence fetish as never before. Now he can explore the limits of violent energy, delighting in it as either its instigator or its passive audience. This is the story of how Gothic became what he is, answering the questions Nightsongs raised about him, and explains just why he singled out the little boy in the kitchen, following him, tormenting him, feeding upon him, and ultimately enslaving him. This explains the human who became the monster. Then how the monster became something more.

Read my review of The Necropath Book .666: Gothic Immortal

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Bloodsongs: The Necropath, Book II

necropath 3

Synopsis: Melissa continues to hound David. He’s had enough. But that isn’t the end of Melissa Thornhardt. The new life, the Second Coming of Melissa, born into darkness, makes her far more dangerous than ever before. And yet she did it all for love. He can run. But…she WILL have her Intended. My review coming soon! This book will be released soon and I will add the buying links here, so stay tunned!

About the author

christian mastersChristian Masters was born in Chicago in 1968, to a mid-western girl and a European immigrant. His father loved mathematics and hypnosis, instilling in him early a love and appreciation of both. His mother, a lifelong Catholic, instilled a love of mythology, imagery, and art, introducing him to books by reading to him as a child. Christian came to love books and consumed them as quickly as he could. He began with biographies, then moving to fiction, developing a passion for mysteries and, through H.G. Wells and Edgar Allan Poe, a fascination with both science and the supernatural. Simultaneously, he was reading his father’s hypnosis books and listening to his hypnosis audio recordings, learning skills that would serve him all his life. Relocating to Texas before the age of ten, Christian learned to appreciate cultural differences and became interested in the way a person’s culture can radically impact everything from their mythology and religious beliefs to attitudes and cultural preferences. Even their belief as to what is possible, a key theme in The Necropath series. The entire time, as long as he can recall, he was writing stories, creating characters and plots, and writing, longhand, “the stories those characters told me.” In High School, he wrote his first two novel-length stories, still in longhand, because he felt his mechanical typewriter interrupted the creative flow. He cringes at the thought of anyone reading those “books” today, even though he admits, “there were a couple of interesting scenes here or there. There’s a scene near the end of Bloodsongs that is adapted from something in one of those books. That part, at least, was actually very good. My test for that, by the way, is when I return to the work in a month or more, do I still like it? I only bother moving forward on pieces that after that separation period, I love.” Due to his father’s influence, Christian began studying Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) and hypnosis, becoming certified to both practice and teach the former. While still in college, studying Psychology, Christian began studying various forms of Brief Therapy, and noted that writing fiction is no different from using hypnosis to assist a client. “The difference is what you choose to do with the trance,” he says, “though getting lost in a good book is absolutely an ideal example of a trance state. It’s one of my favorites, in fact.” He should know – he used NLP and hypnosis to consult for companies and private individual clients for several years. Noting the degree to which mystical incantations, including those used in witches’ spells, incorporate seemingly inadvertent hypnotic language, Masters has adapted many of these patterns to serve in the magic the Thornhardt family uses in The Necropath. Following his BA in Psychology, he went on to receive an MS in Computer Information Systems. He was fascinated with the way “computers’ hardware and software was patterned after what we know of the brain and how humans learn – and that even when we found we were wrong, that our models jumped to false conclusions, the computers still worked!” He put writing on hold for several years, and only when going through a particularly difficult time in his life did he return to it. He wrote what would later become The Necropath during that time as a means of coping. Though he had by then outgrown longhand – this was his first work created on a computer. He developed a habit of printing a chapter, editing it with a pen, then redoing the chapter until it was right, on the computer, an IBM PS/1, which had “less power than the entry-level smart phones of today!” Yet something happened as a result of all this. The coping mechanism became a much larger part of his life than it had ever been before, and he found a degree of hostility toward the novel’s use of witchcraft and magic. For a second time, he set it aside and for a second time, forgot about it for several years. One day, while his wife Keli was going through some boxes, she found a portion of the book’s printout. She read it and wanted to know more about it. He told her the story and she liked it enough to encourage him to update it and to, at last “DO something with it!” She has not only been the driver behind The Necropath finding its way out of the darkness, but also she was the first editor for the work – and a great one! Searching out the original soft copies on backup disks, Christian began the slow process of editing and updating the novel. Some parts needing touching up, others he entirely rewrote. Months later, it was ready. Only one problem remained – it was over 800 pages long! It was good, but too long for any publisher to take seriously, so he considered how to proceed. He suggested to Keli that he simply cut large chunks out of it, and she strenuously objected. She was concerned that it would ruin the flow and tenor of the book. Looking back, Christian knows she was right. What he did instead was to analyze the story closely, determine which were the minor storylines, and while they added to the overall book, assess whether they had to be in the “first” book or they could wait until the second, or even the third. This because as Christian fleshed out the fictional(?) world of the Necrosphere, the Necropath, and all its rituals and rules, it became clear that this story’s scope was always too large for one book. It would always have had to become at least a trilogy. As he analyzed each of the storylines, he mapped exactly how the story could be divided. Doing so enabled him to expand a minor storyline that had always intrigued him. In discussions with readers, it became clear that many also agreed. He maintains and open dialog with readers via his website (or and his Facebook page. He reads all reader concerns, complaints, suggestions, comments, and questions and tries to respond to as many as possible. At times, reader comments have driven him to develop a minor character more fully. The one thing he will not do is provide spoilers. “I was asked by one person, prior to his reviewing Nightsongs, to tell him whether Gothic dies or not. I didn’t give him the answer, but I respected his concern enough to discuss it with him via email. He apparently hated Goth so much that he just couldn’t imagine that character surviving Book 1. I was flattered and humbled that a reader cared so much, though as I am also a fanatical reader, I couldn’t ruin it for him! That would have been the very height of disrespect. And if you take the time to reach out to me, you deserve my respect.” The result was two books and a novella, with plenty of story to tell for a total of ten volumes. 2014 saw the publication of Book 1: Nightsongs to excellent reviews and strong sales. 2015 will feature publication of Book .666: Gothic Immortal – A Young Vampire’s Primer on Sex, Power, Violence, and the Love of Blood, Book 2: Bloodsongs, Book 1.666: A Woman Thorned – A Young Witch’s Primer…, Book 2.666: A Tale of Two Razors, and Book 3: Darksongs. 2016 will see the publication of Book 4: Moonsongs, as well as Book 3.666 (working title: Darkness Eternal). He also has four stand-alone novels sketched, and once The Necropath’s story is told, in its entirety, he is eager to begin those. Further, a second series is in the works. His preferred subject matter is a hybrid of genres, making terms like “thriller”, “horror”, “supernatural love story”, “vampire philosophy”, and even to some extent “paranormal romance”, all seem apropos. Each of the pieces discussed lives somewhere in that broad, though darkly beautiful, space. Masters still works a “day job”, as a corporate IT Consultant, which in addition to continually exposing him to the greatest thing a writer can have, a constant human behavior laboratory, so it also offers plenty of uninterrupted nights in which to write. Mr. Masters lives in Austin, Texas, with his beloved wife Keli, three dogs, and two cats. From the back jacket: “…When not writing, reading, or working with IT, Mr. Masters is spending time with his family, the single most important thing in his world.”

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