Author Robert Thornhill Spotlight

Robert Thornhill is the author of the Lady Justice series

His latest work is Lady Justice and the Broken Hearts (Lady Justice #20)  which will be Free to download today and during a limited time.



Walt goes under the knife for a heart operation and while in the hospital, stumbles upon a series of mysterious deaths that are certainly not from natural causes.
He solves that mystery only to discover that people on the transplant waiting list are suddenly dying as well.
Then, information about a terrorist plot is found on a heart attack victim who has been rushed to the ICU.
Throughout it all, Walt discovers that there are many ways that a person may die of a broken heart.


“I really like how Robert Thornhill can take a life event and create a good mystery-suspense story with humor.
I’m certainly happy that Mr. Thornhill came through his own open heart surgery and I look forward to more stories about Walt and the gang.” by Heather

“This book was a fantastic read. It kept my attention and was spot on in regards to how I felt after open heart surgery. Thank you Mr. Thornhill for sharing the experience with us all.” by Beth

“Once again Thornhill keeps the reader engaged with a series of mysteries that he and his band of senior friends and family can help solve…even though he’s now a PI instead of a cop. Witty, accurate in details about open heart surgery, just scary enough! An excellent book for the pool side or with a cup of tea on a rainy day. Thumbs up all the way!” by Christina

Download here It’s Free Today!

About the Author

At age 66, Bob wrote his first book, LADY JUSTICE TAKES A C.R.A.P. from his own perspective and experience as a Senior Citizen.
Since then, he has written 13 sequels in the Lady Justice series, Lady Justice And The Lost Tapes, Lady Justice Gets Leid, Lady Justice And The Avenging Angels, Lady Justice And The Sting,Lady Justice And Dr. Death,Lady Justice And The Vigilante,Lady Justice and the Watchers,Lady Justice and the Candidate,Lady Justice and the Book Club Murders,Lady Justice and the Cruise Ship Murders,Lady Justice and the Assassin and Lady Justice and the Lottery.
He has also written seven children’s chapter books in the Rainbow Road series.
While Walter Williams is a fictional character, many of his adventures and friends are anecdotal and based on Bobs real life. Bob holds a Masters Degree in Psychology from the University of Missouri-Kansas City, but his wit and insight come from his varied occupations: stock boy, postman, truck driver, social worker, landlord, and finally, to thirty years as a Realtor, most of which as Broker/Manager of one of the largest real estate companies in Metropolitan Kansas City.
He currently lives with his wife, Peg, in Independence, Mo..

Visit Bob’s website

Visit Bob’s Amazon Page to know more about him and his books


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