Author Kristine Ann Kreska Spotlight

Kristine Ann Kreska is the author of “What Makes You Think” series.

The Anti Guru Guide to Self-Help: Weaving In Your Own Lane (What Makes You Think) (Volume 1)


Book Description:

Operating in a false illusion can result in very bad decision making. Many spiritual teachers confuse their students with tasks of inaction with the promise of riches and happiness. The allure of an easy way to get what you want will always be appealing, however history teaches us the people who have talent, work hard and make wise decisions usually rise to the top with higher statistics. Positive thinking is not enough for any significant accomplishment. It is only the foundation of a positive attitude. Giving your trust to a total stranger or “Guru” can be disastrous. Why does a “Guru” allow people to make irrational decisions they would never make outside of a seminar or workshop environment? Spending too much time on “spiritual journeys” only makes the teacher money, not you. Spiritual schools make a ton of money on tuition and merchandise, not on solving problems. The only one who can find your peace of mind is you. The power of social pressure can fool us into believing we need special training, classes, and blessings in order to connect to our inner self or higher self. You need to sit in the driver seat. You might be weaving in your own lane for a while, but you’ll eventually find what you seek. Keep your eyes on the road and know when to change lanes. This book is a visual tool. Your answers to these questions may change over time. Science proves the body emits a frequency. Raise your frequency to a higher vibration by creating more harmony in your life.

About the Author

KRISTINE ANN KRESKA moved to California in 1996 as a corporate sales trainer in the commercial real estate industry. Raised in Michigan with a degree in Management Information Systems, she was unfamiliar with “spiritual” dogma. Working as a retained headhunter, advertising executive and entertainment professional allowed her the free time to explore many healing modalities and study with “Gurus” known worldwide to further understand “spiritual” practice. Kristine is a certified Tibetan Reiki Master, Tao Member, Ayahuasca Initiate, Oneness Deeksha Giver, Certified Hypnotist and graduate of Vipassana. Kristine is now a full-time film producer and writer living in Los Angeles.



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