Author Petra Ortiz Spotlight

Petra Ortiz is the author of several books like “What is Healthy Coffee?”, “What is the Astral Plane?” and “How to Find a midwife and doula”.

Today I want to introduce her children’s book: Sharing Works!: Draw, Color and Tell A Story (Fun Journal For Kids) (Volume 1)


A Fun Journal For Kids 365 Journal Entry Pages Happy Birthday Page Monthly Gratitude Pages Coloring Pages Sharing Works poem by Nelson Scott Illustrated by Mentol


“This is so adorable! I love the concept of this. It will promote creativity among the younger kids being able to draw and create a story with it.” By Michelle Bowles

“A nice journal for children to be able to write down their ideas and add illustrations to go with the writing. This is a great way for parents to track the writing progress of their children and help them with the writing as well.” By Tami

About the author
Petra Ortiz

Petra Ortiz was born and raised in Texas but currently spends time in various parts of Washington state as well. She is a mother to 5 boys, including fraternal twins. She enjoys providing helpful information for readers that pertain to subjects such as health and wellness, publishing and marketing, and spirituality. She produces promotional videos, book trailers and more for authors and business owners. Petra is left-handed, and enjoys painting and reading. She intends to learn how to play golf, and how to play the drums, her favorite sport and musical instrument.

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