Author Delaney Rhodes Spotlight

Delaney Rhodes  is the Author of the Celtic Steel series.

Today I want to introduce to you, the 4th book on this series:

Celtic Stars (Celtic Steel #4)

celtic stars

A blind from birth Jamie Burke has managed to win the clan games and with it, the hand of Daenael O’Malley. Will her abduction spell doom for both their clans? His mother, the Burke Witch, has something up her sleeve and he’s certain he can save his people from her evil intentions.
Darina O’Malley is just a few weeks shy of giving birth to the Lord’s child. If her suspicions are correct, they will all be in for a shocking surprise. Can Darina continue to hide her secret, or will that all threaten to come spilling out?
Flynn Montgomery’s betrothed hasn’t arrived from Skye on time and her ship is feared lost. Will he be brave enough to share his feelings with Dervilla? Will the O’Malley Lord overlook his chieftain’s dalliance with an O’Malley daughter?


“For those not familiar with the series, it mixes Celtic mythology with romance and suspense. I’d recommend you start at book 1, but it won’t take you long to get up to speed. Rhodes’ descriptive writing and intricate back stories in “Celtic Stars” draw you into the story, and she does an excellent job weaving the various story arcs into one cohesive story.” by Liz Vinc

“As soon as I found out the book was out, I practically read it in 3 hours. Now I just have to wait for the fifth book, plus the other series after it. The book is on Amazon. I was not disappointed :)” by V

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About the author



Of Irish and English descent, Romance Author Delaney Rhodes is a native Texan from birth. She is a Graduate with double Majors from The University of Houston, in Law and Writing. She has two teenage daughters, and is married to an entrepreneurial Husband. Three of her favorite people, are her three rescued Russian Blue cats; Sebastian, Sasha, and Sissy. The family would not be complete without “13″, an adopted Bearded Dragon.

Together they live life at a fast pace, enjoying each other and striving to help the world become a better place. Besides her writing and family – Ms. Rhodes is active in many charitable organizations that benefit animals and children, both through volunteering and fundraising.

Ms. Rhodes’ writing was prompted and inspired by many hours of research and study into her Irish and Celtic family lineage and heritage. Many of the stories you will find in the chapters of her writings were birthed while striving to connect with those that had walked these paths and lived before her.

Ms. Rhodes has been previously employed in executive positions within Fortune 500 oil and gas, information technology, and lumber products companies in corporate legal departments.

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