“Casting Stones” by Jeff Gafford Spotlight and Review

Jeff Gafford is the author of “Summertown” and “Casting Stones”

Today I want to introduce to you the second book in this series.

“Casting Stones”

Casting Stones

Ask Jimmy Stone, and he’ll tell you that anyone who’s reached middle age is bound to have some baggage. As a matter of fact, Jimmy has baggage he doesn’t even know he has…in spades. Baggage that’s moving in to his neighborhood. Baggage coming to settle a score.Baggage that haunts him at night with nightmares of horrors gone by. But the biggest, most life-changing of them all is the man who is racing, with hate-fueled determination, up the interstate on a quest for revenge.

Vanessa Kings’ Review

In Jeff Gafford’s “Casting Stones” there seems to be a constant underlying sense of tension that keeps you gripped and reading to the end. You can almost feel as the tension builds and builds, slowly but surely.
The novel is the second in the series, which revolves around Jimmy Stone, a man reaching middle age and whose past starts catching up with him, starting with his days in Haiti several years back and incidents from his past. Even though he thought that all had been left behind, the truth is much deeper and complex than he could ever have expected or even imagined.
The author’s own experience in Haiti shows through in the novel, enriching the conflicts and storytelling in a profound way and bringing the characters to life, and the same can be said of the Arizona side of the story.
There is more than abundant drama and suspense to keep your interest, so in all, I thoroughly enjoyed reading the story and got acquainted with the characters very easily, which is always a good sign of strong narrative and leaves you wanting more.

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About the author

Jeff Gafford2Jeff Gafford is a native of Phoenix, Arizona who has been working in the corporate and government security field for over twenty-five years. His time as a business owner and corporate security director in Haiti in the early 90’s gave him a first-hand look at both the best and worst sides of humanity; both the selfless sacrifice for others and the ruthless grasp for power. He lives in Chandler, Arizona with his wife Pam and their American Eskimo, Aspen, the largest lapdog in the world.


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