Author Erik Tristen Spotlight and Audiobook Review

Erik Tristen is the author of  How To Attract The Right Man To You…Like a Magnet!: Discover What He Is NOT Telling You With His Body Language Secrets!
550_x_370_book_graphic_magnetLearn how to read between the lines with body language and attract any man to you…like a magnet!
If you want a man that has a real interest in you and that will be there for you through thick and thin, this is the publication for you. It helps you to see behind the scenes and to learn what a man is actually thinking, even though he may not be saying it. You will find that it is your constant companion as you are looking for the man of your dreams to be with you for the rest of your life.
Throughout the pages of this publication, you will learn the unspoken language that makes up the bulk of communication. From signs that show on his face to the way that he is standing, you are constantly being sent signals. This publication helps you to understand those signals and to break down the barriers. We will also discuss the following information in great detail…

1. Learning the Unspoken Language – When you want to attract a man, learning the unspoken language is essential. This chapter can help you to get started quickly.
2. What Do You Want out of a Relationship? – Do you know what you want out of a relationship? This chapter helps you to discern what you want by looking at what most women want and how it relates to you.
3. What Does He Want out of a Relationship? – Understanding what a man wants out of a relationship can go a long way in helping you to attract someone that is exactly right for you.
4. Signs He Wants You to Notice Him – There are many different signs a man may display that show he is interested in you and wants to move forward with a relationship.
5. Is Love Written All over His Face? – When you recognize the right facial features and the way that he expresses himself, you will find that it is easy to attract the man that is right for you.
6. The Eyes Are the Window to the Soul – Understanding the eyes and how men use them subconsciously can show you what is really on his mind.
7. Stance – Is He Open to a Relationship? – Believe it or not, the way that a man stands can easily tell you if he is interested or if you should look elsewhere.
8. The Conversation – What Is He Not Saying? – What goes on behind a conversation that is not being spoken out loud? This chapter helps you to break down the barriers and to know what is actually being said.
9. The Hands and Arms Tell Secrets – The way that a man holds his arms in his hands can speak volumes.
10. Male Body Language FAQ – This compilation of the most frequently asked questions about male body language will teach you what you need to know.

And much, much more…

It’s time to stop questioning what a man is thinking and actually know the truth by understanding what he saying with body language. By uncovering all that you can about men’s body language you will give yourself a real chance of attracting the man of your dreams. This publication shows you how to do it quickly and easily.

Vanessa Kings’ Review

I’ve heard countless times from friends and acquaintances about how they complain that they just don’t seem to attract the right man, going from one short relationship to another.
However, how much of that is our own fault?
Attracting the right person is not a matter of chance or fate; it takes proper understanding of how we can make things work with the right person if we not only put our minds to it, but also applying the proper tools.
“How To Attract The Right Man To You…Like a Magnet!” by Erik Tristen is a book that provides just that, all the tools and understanding necessary to search for the right man, and attract him once you find him.
Although the main focus of the book is on communication, giving a great overview of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and how to understand non-verbal communication, it also gives an in-depth explanation of traits that are necessary both to attract a person and to construct a solid relationship, such as respect, humor, intimacy, spontaneity, romance, and maturity.
The audiobook edition of this book was a great companion to me during my commutes and time flew by each time. Another excellent example of an audiobook well done.

Buy it here
Buy the audiobook here  RECOMMENDED!


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