Omni Eyes: The All-seeing Mandala Coloring Book by Gutter Margin and Julia Snegireva

This is a special Sneak Peek of the highly anticipated “Omni Eyes: An Inky Surveillance Hunt and All-Seeing Mandala Coloring Book” – due out this summer, online and in bookstores!

These beautiful and mystical Mandala creations are all hand-drawn, each one specially designed to heighten your senses, bring enjoyment and inspire a meditative state. Each design is incredibly crafted and detailed, guaranteed to engage you one line at a time.
This Kindle book is not DRM-protected, so that you can open it in a Print-friendly reader app. Or simply take screenshots… or just get the paperback!


“Each design is unique and elaborate enough to keep you busy coloring for a while. This would be the best thing on a plane trip or for office breaks on those stressful days when you need to take your mind off your job before you go postal on your co-workers.” By Cat Jones

“Well worth the cost! And you can keep using each design by making copies of them or storing them on your phone by taking a picture and printing them out. Because of the detail of the drawings, you can create endless color combinations. So, this book can last a long time!” by Charles

About the author

Based in the Swiss Alps, Gutter Margin is, like, a global citizen, and gives you wings with more than a thousand words!
In other words, Gutter Margin is an intercontinental, multilingual publisher specializing in high-quality, beautifully illustrated and designed books in various fields of creative arts.

About the Illustrator

Julia Snegireva, a Russian Artist, has spent much of her life traveling across the country, gaining inspiration for her remarkable zentangle and mandala graphics in the amazing landscape and people.
She lived for some years on the Coast of the Baltic Sea, where the 2014 Winter Olympics were held, though she now calls Moscow her home.
Known for her decorative and charming patterns, Julia has always enjoyed doodling, creating inspired pieces with a flamboyance of ornaments and Baltic design as well as motifs wrought from the appeal of the ancient Ureal Mountains.
The combinations and methods blend together in a variety of ethnic designs and paintings that has gained her international attention.
Julia currently illustrates for such publishers as MacMillian and can be found at

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