Author Elizabeth Bailey Spotlight

Elizabeth Bailey is the author of Mademoiselle at Arms, Fated Folly and A Lady Fan Mystery series, among others.

Today I want to introduce to you her Georgian Romance: An Undesirable Liaison

an-undesirable-liaison Description

A Regency Romance Novel In the tradition of Regency Romance, scandals past and present unravel in the path of destiny. Caught by an overwhelming attraction to her new employer, Florence struggles against temptation.


To support her young sister and herself, Florence Petrie desperately needs employment. Through the agency of an unexpected valuable find, she ends up as companion to the dowager in the household of Jerome, Viscount Langriville.

The violent attraction between them brings Flo to the brink of the abyss she fears most. Is she doomed to repeat her mother’s history? Freed from the hideous scandal of the past by his wife’s death, Jerome is horrified to find himself in thrall to a new threat: an impossible liaison. Can he withstand Florence’s allure, when his desire can only mean her ruin?

About the author ElizabethBailey

An avid reader from an early age, Elizabeth Bailey grew up in colonial Africa under unconventional parentage and with theatre in the blood. Back in England, she trod the boards until discovering her true métier as a writer in her thirties, when she fulfilled an early addiction to Georgette Heyer by launching into historical romance. Eight years and eight books later, Elizabeth joined the Harlequin Mills & Boon stable, fuelling her writing with a secondary career teaching and directing drama, and writing plays into the bargain.

With 18 historicals published, she began to concentrate on the mainstream and in 2005, Elizabeth’s novel Fly the Wild Echoes was released in both the UK and the US simultaneously by Unlimited Publishing. The novel was a contender in the Booker list for that year. A mystery – a whodunit of the mind, as one reader has it – the book explores the interwoven lives of three women and investigates the possibility of past lives. Now retired from teaching, Elizabeth directs for a local theatre group where she lives in West Sussex.

Recently, however, even this foray into drama has had to take a back seat as she changed direction to enter the world of crime. Still thoroughly involved in her favourite historical period, Elizabeth placed her female sleuth in the late Georgian world of intrigue, elegance, aristocrats and rogues, where privilege rubbed shoulders with the harsh realities of making ends meet. While Ottilia moves into the upper echelon, she is thoroughly at ease in the lower, which allows Elizabeth to cross boundaries with impunity.


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