Diary: From the Outside Looking In Spotlight and Review



The heart that Understands is an insightful guide with a hard hitting edgy message that gives couples and singles an overview and outlook on situations. As it relates to the topics of life, love, sex and relationships. When you are on the outside looking in, a true heart pays attention to what goes on and understands the reality that life brings. The happiness, the joy, the sadness and pain, the complications, discovering self worth, powerful romance and the sexually charged encounters. Everything that looks good or seems like it’s swell isn’t always as it may appear to be. The heart that Understands tackles various subjects and gives an in depth look on life, love and sex on different levels by being honest and straight forward in hopes of getting people to see what really goes on inside of people’s hearts and minds.

Vanessa Kings’ Review

How many things do we do without really putting our hearts into it? And how many go through life without ever really truly knowing love?
“Diary: From the Outside Looking In”, by Brandon Harper, not only gives deep and thoughtful insights into love, but also to life itself.
Without the proper insight and understanding, when a relationship hits a rocky point, many choose to abandon hope. However, this needn’t be the case. It’s not only about understanding your partner, but improving communication and ultimately, loving yourself more as well.
The book delves deep into the meanings of love, relationships and the complexities that make up our lives, providing a very interesting outlook on how to better understand these matters, not only from a theoretical point of view, but also from life experiences of other couples that help enhance the understanding.
It’s time to really look under the hood and find our true feelings, but most of all, to learn to do and speak from the heart.

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