Splintered: Brokenness in the Political Arena

This book is a collection of thoughts from individuals, Nicholas Buford, Henry Childs, Mack Curry III, Nakeisha Curry, Ashante Everett, Andy Rodriquez, and Ted Sadler, who are involved in some way, in the political process. The thoughts are from college students, educators, a community activist, veterans, clergy, a consultant, a physician, and a former congressional candidate. The common thread, shared by all, is that they believe America is worth their commitment and their sacrifice.
The question is, do you?


“Vivian Childs mirrors the disappointment of many. She asks the question…what happened? Was it in vain that so much progress was made by the sacrifice of many 50 years ago? The book is a call to once again find the unity so prevalent during those times.” by F Lacey

“Fantastic read! This is a wonderful book that comes at a time when Americans needs to ask the question, “Are We Sacrificing America?” We are truly “splintered”!” by AC

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