Authentically Living Life on Purpose by LaShawn Middleton Spotlight

Authentically Living Life on PurposeThis book was put together to show that you no longer have to just exist, but can find your purpose and start living your life on purpose to the fullest extent while on this journey here on earth.

I not only wrote this book but I live by it. There are only 5 chapters and they will help put you in correct alignment with the Great Aligner in order for you to begin to Live Life on Purpose and navigate back on the road to your destiny.

About the Author

LaShawn Middleton copy
LaShawn “LaLa” Middleton is a Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Author and Entrepreneur specializing in transitional coaching for people who are experiencing difficulties and living a stagnant life. Like you LaLa has experienced the valleys of life but she has found value in each of them. Entrepreneurship is also a part of LaLa’s makeup. She is a successful businesswoman who has owned and operated several businesses since 1993.

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