103 Golden Tips to Turbo Charge Your Employees, Skyrocket Productivity and Get More Output

103GoldenWaysThis book will sure to please Business Owners, Directors, HR Managers, People Managers, Supervisors and anyone else responsible for managing people and people agreements. Written by Australia Number 1 “Golden Tips Authority” and featuring key information sourced from “BIG BOY” and “BIG GIRL” movers and shakers, this book has been designed for the reader who wants to “TAKE ACTION” and leave complicated, unpractical and guaranteed promise breaking strategies to those who just thrive on sounding “corpora-important”. After reading this book you will have a holistic insight into people management concerns and be armed with 103 Golden Tips to combat some of the more challenging and toxic workplace environments. You will be inspired and will have no excuse not to take action on presented people management tips and business building and output increasing ideas. You will learn and be consistently reminded that the definition of poor people management is not simplicity, but rather complex, bureaucratic, and untrustworthy “Johnny come lately” management and leadership strategies that fail to deliver. Read this book! Stop thinking managing people is hard! Eliminate you need to know! Don’t make a promise! Keep it simple stupid! Manage the Agreement! TAKE ACTION NOW!

About the Author

Paul Marshall is Australia’s number 1 “golden tips authority”. Paul has been exposed to a wide range of industries and  corporate positions including around 20 years in human resources management, corporate training and consulting and, prior roles including running a business and sales management.
Paul has also participated in a wide range of money making and related ventures. Paul currently resides in Perth Western Australia where he operates a corporate training and consultancy business.

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