Daily Thyroid Routine: 24 Hours To Better Thyroid Health

Daily Thyroid Routine: 24 Hours To Better Thyroid Health
by Jay Author

The Daily Thyroid Routine: 24 Hours To Better Thyroid Health is your comprehensive guide to a balanced lifestyle and steadfast hormone production for sufferers of hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, and thyroid disease. An estimated 27 million people in the USA suffer from thyroid problems, and 60% of those people do not know thyroid hormone production issues are what is causing their fatigue or depression.

The 24 Hour Schedule

The Daily Thyroid Routine begins as any day would; waking up. Whether we like it or not, sleep is a large part of our lives and balancing sleep health and consistency is one of the many steps we take in our journey towards thyroid hormone balance.

Each hour of the day is taken care of. When in doubt, reference your handy 24 Hour Schedule to determine what is next. The ultimate goal being consistency in your day. A healthy body is a happy body.

Thyroid Cookbook

Loaded with information on superfoods which are great for the thyroid diet, The Daily Thyroid Routine has many recipes for all the different times of the day including breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even snacks along the way.

Exercise for Thyroid

From your morning stretch to “yoga for thyroid” after work, this thyroid solution will ensure you have more than enough healthy ideas to get you through our day.

This thyroid book is your go-to resource to promote thyroid health and hypothyroidism weight loss.

Chapter 1 – Sleep
Chapter 2 – Pre-Breakfast
Chapter 3 – Breakfast
Chapter 4 – Mind Health
Chapter 5 – Productivity Time
Chapter 6 – Lunchtime!
Chapter 7 – Productivity Continued
Chapter 8 – Exercise Can Be Fun
Chapter 9 – Time For Dinner!
Chapter 10 – Family First
Chapter 11 – DANGER ZONE
Chapter 12 – Tomorrow Is Another Big Day


“This book has been an absolute wealth of information ever since I downloaded it. Having so many family members who suffer with thyroid problems I decided to download this and get a head start on everything. The book literally takes you through 24 hours in a day and walks you through exactly what we should be doing in an entire day (24 Hours) to make sure we are living a balanced lifestyle and avoiding thyroid problems. This has opened my eyes so much and helped me realize different things I was doing that was not effective.” by Monica G

“This was such a great guide for anyone with thyroid problems and people looking to be proactive about it as well, such as myself. I loved Jay Author’s way of giving tips and advice and applying them to your day to day life. This approach makes things so much more simple to follow and I think it’s really helpful! He takes you through your entire day and even provides helpful recipes along the way. So much useful information packed into this book!” by Courtney

About the Author

Jay Author

Born and raised in a tiny hamlet in India, Jay Author now lives in the beautiful city of Calgary, Canada with his wife, son and two spoiled pets, Jenny the talking parrot and Quinn the lovely Pomeranian dog.

Jay Author discovered his love of reading and writing while attending his wife in the hospital. His debut book is Daily Thyroid Routine – 24 Hours to Better Thyroid Health. He is planning to publish another two books soon titled as Daily Diabetes Routine – 24 Hours to Better Diabetes Health and Daily Sleep Routine – 24 Hours to Better Sleep.

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