Adult and Childhood Obesity: Impact, Consequences, Help and Prevention


This book provides detailed information to help the obese, and their parents, to prevent and deal with obesity in children. Includes information on what parents can do now to prevent obesity, and how to help an already obese child, including 8 steps to making changes ‘now’.

See Table of Contents for more details. Use the LOOK INSIDE feature as well. Includes over 59 colorful illustrations and a clickable Table of Contents for enhanced enjoyment and ease of use.

Includes bonus link for more assistance in conquering obesity: videos, infographics, action steps, exercises and more, that you can share with others if you wish. Also includes link to free report on the most fattening foods, and healthier substitutions for adults and children.


Vanessa Kings’ Review

Obesity is an ongoing and increasing concern in societies, and especially so in the US. According to the Centers for Disease Control, from 1980 to 2012 the number of obese children, ages 6 to 11, increased from 7% to 18%, and the number of obese teens ages 12 to 19, increased from 5% to 21%. This means that 31.8% adolescents and children are either overweight or obese.

If we look at the numbers, it’s clear that we have to be very aware of what our children are eating and how we can either prevent obesity or work towards helping them lose weight.

As the book states, obesity not only has physical consequences, but also emotional and psychological implications. Unfortunately, it is still a social stigma and it is not uncommon to be the object of bullying just for being obese.

In “Adult and Childhood Obesity: Impact, Consequences, Help and Prevention”, author Petra Ortiz describes in detail every aspect that a parent or adult should know about obesity. The book is very well researched and includes just the right amount of statistical data, as well as weight loss options that range from behaviours, nutrition, as well as fitness and exercise plans. It even covers some of the surgery options available.

In all, it is not only a book for those that wish to overcome obesity, but also for any concerned parent or adult that wished to prevent obesity and lead a healthy life.

BUY IT HERE Only $1.99 and Also available as audio book for only $5.95

About the Author

Petra Ortiz

Petra Ortiz was born and raised in Texas but currently spends time in various parts of Washington state as well. She is a mother to 5 boys, including fraternal twins. She enjoys providing helpful information for readers that pertain to subjects such as health and wellness, publishing and marketing, and spirituality. She produces promotional videos, book trailers and more for authors and business owners. Petra is left-handed, and enjoys painting and reading. She intends to learn how to play golf, and how to play the drums, her favorite sport and musical instrument.

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