Say Yes to Success Despite Your Chronic Illness: 10 Weeks to Overcoming the Obstacles of Chronic Illness and Finally Achieving What You Want in Life


Suffocated by a difficult life with chronic pain? Tired of feeling like getting out of bed in the morning is as hard as running a marathon? It’s time for that stage of life to be over. You can take control of the life that chronic illness has tried to steal from you. Using this 10-week plan written by Kristi Patrice Carter—a sufferer of fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome, who herself has used these very tools to enjoy life again—you will find yourself inspired, motivated, and drinking from the deep well of life once more. As a friend who has been there, Kristi will help you discover the life you’re meant to live, regardless of the obstacles and illnesses in your way. There’s no need to wait for tomorrow. You can absolutely live the life you’ve always wanted. Starting right here. Right now.

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Vanessa Kings’ Review

My husband had an accident a while back, and since then he has suffered from chronic pain on a daily basis. It is sad how such an incident can change your life forever. Simple acts that we take for granted become a continuous challenge that I could not even begin to comprehend.
Also, there is not only a physical scar that comes with this burden, but also a psychological one, which may be even worse.
So, when I heard about Kristi P. Carter’s book, I had high hopes. It really is an inspiring book that helps anyone with chronic pain or illness to overcome the many obstacles that they might face. The author’s experience with such ailments conveys perfectly through the pages and she breaks it down in an easy to follow and comprehensive guide.
This is not a common “you can do it” self-help book, but rather a deeper, more practical guide with very useful tips and techniques that are really worth reading and practicing.

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About the Author


Kristi Patrice Carter is a wife, mother, friend and chronic illness warrior. Her ultimate mission is to help make the world a better place by sharing her writing talents with others. Kristi has a BA in English from the University of Illinois and a Juris Doctorate from Chicago Kent College of Law. She has over seventeen years of writing, marketing and publishing experience and absolutely love inspiring others. She owns Thang Publishing Company and has published one book (Say Yes to Success Despite Your Chronic Illness).

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