Happily Inner After: A Guide to Getting and Keeping Your Knight in Shining Amour By Deidre Madsen

HIABOOKCOVERARTSAMPLE1asmGetting the love you want, and keeping the love you have, are two entirely different things. For many of us, being able to first and foremost attract Mr. Right into our lives can be insurmountable. Once attracted, often the next daunting hurdle is keeping love alive and well, without sabotaging our happiness.

Happily Inner After is a complete system of easy-to-do exploratory exercises using lucid imagination and internal archetypes. Your wildest dreams of having a fulfilling love life can now come true.

Deidre Madsen can help you find and keep the love of your life. Like a song from the Jane Austen-inspired, Hindi Cinema “Bollywood” film, Bride and Prejudice, Anu Malik’s romantic lyrics suggest:

“Show Me the Way; Take Me to Love!”


“HAPPILY INNER AFTER, is a well written how to book that is helping me understand and use techniques that are healing my psyche, my physical health and my personal sense of power for myself and my relationships with others. Very personally empowering. Thank you Deidre Madson. Am sharing it with friends who are also benefiting.” by Billie


Balboa Press
Barnes & Noble

About the Author

Deidre Madsen, is a published author, lecturer, instructor, spiritual counselor and life coach. She is a self styled quantum activist, following the theories of monistic idealism and tenured as a Supraconsciousness Imagery Guide supported by quantum energetics and phenomenology. She holds private consultations, group seminars and retreats.

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