How to Make and Keep a Six or Seven Figure Income For the Last Time Even if it’s Your First Time!

stop the rock

Welcome to “Stop The Rock”

For over twenty-five years now I have been focused on a single mission: To create a massive personal net income that would allow me to live a life less ordinary.

And I have succeeded, multiple times.

The fact that I was forced to succeed more than once is also my failure.
During that twenty-five year journey I was missing one key distinction. You see, I was able to create a massive personal net income, over and over again!

In fact I have been able to teach my customers, students and coaching clients exactly how to create massive personal net incomes for themselves many who have gone on to create six and seven-figure incomes based on the exact steps I taught them.

There’s only one problem: Income was only part of my mission and even though I got very good at creating income and teaching others to do the same, it wasn’t until just recently that I learned how to create a life less ordinary.
Before you finish reading this book, I will show YOU exactly how to create a sixor seven-figure income for yourself, and I will show you how to create a life less ordinary in the process!

In fact, I’m not just going to show you how.

Together with a small dream team of top entrepreneurs I have assembled, we will not only show you

how to create it, we will also directly help you create it, and commit to working with you until you have both the income and the lifestyle you desire for yourself.
And don’t worry, you won’t have to pay us a dime in the process!

You will also learn how you can get access to a simple to use but incredibly powerful breakthrough technology that will allow you to earn significant income without sacrificing lifestyle. Possibly the best reason to read Stop the Rock is the ability it gives you to skip the twenty-five-year learning curve it took me to discover the solution you are about to learn.

Regardless of your past successes or failures, if you have an entrepreneurial bone in your body, or have ever wanted to take control of your own income and lifestyle and design how you want to live each day for the rest of your life, then come along with me as I show you a life less ordinary.

Stop the Rock will teach you why some never achieve success, and why those that do often have to start over, reinventing themselves over and over again until they become burned out and stop pushing.
Most important, Stop the Rock will show you a specific strategy to make a six- or even seven-figure income, how to get the rock up the mountain, and this time, even if it’s your first time, keep it there!
I have designed Stop the Rock to be interactive, and will be giving you links to online resources, audio recordings and videos throughout the book so you cannot only read it but also experience it with me.

Vanessa Kings’ Review
Let’s be honest, no one likes to work for someone else, to wake up every day early and get out of the house to make just enough money to live. We all would like to be our own bosses, work at our own schedule and enjoy the money we earn doing the things we love.

If you are an entrepreneur, then you must know that failing multiple times is part of the process to become successful.

What I learned from “Stop the Rock” by Scott Boulch is that failure is not necessarily needed to get the rock on top of the mountain and keep it there for life.

He is willingly sharing his own personal experience in a way that is easy to understand and to relate to your own experiences. It’s even fun to read at some point; he makes it sound like a friend giving advice to another. This was his goal for this book.

When you reach the end of the book, you will have a very clear idea of what you need to do in order to generate a six or seven figure income for life. The book provides specific tips and curse of action to change your financial life. You will want to start working on it right away, and you should!

By following the next link, you will get access to a video explaining a little more about the book and you will get your free Copy of Stop the Rock by Scott Boulch


Once you download the book, you will receive an email to download the audio version of the book and a free webinar.

Take advantage of this great opportunity that Scott is giving you by sharing his own successful story!

About the Author

Scott Boulch

After graduating college with a business degree I spent several years in corporate America gaining sales experience as a copier salesman then moved on to becoming a retail stock broker with a major wall street firm. Then I spent the final years of my corporate career in wholesale computer sales as a major account rep.

During my corporate years I was exposed to direct marketing and network marketing and became fascinated by the industry. In 1988 I joined my first network marketing company part time.

By 1994 I had found a home in the network marketing industry and made the jump to full time self employment where I spent seven years with one company reaching the top ranks in the distributor force.
After the company was sold off In 2001 I moved on to real estate investing and began incorporating internet marketing into my real estate investing business.

By 2005 I was earning far more from online real estate lead generation than from my own real estate investments and moved into Internet Marketing full time.
During this time I partnered with Todd Thompson who had been a significant part of my online success, and together we applied our similar marketing and technical backgrounds to create and grow our internet marketing brands.

From 2005 to 2008 we diversified our internet marketing business’ and developed several multi million dollar brands built around providing internet marketing software as a service and education to other internet marketers.

In 2008 we were invited back into the network marketing industry and created the first fully automated internet based recruiting and prospecting system. We used this new system to reach the top of the compensation plan in a well established company in record time.

Having used our platform to recreate this success multiple times in multiple network marketing companies over the following years we developed the software platform into a new brand “Sales Funnel Automator.”
Today along with our other online brands we focus on helping major network marketing companies grow their distributor base by incorporating the Sales Funnel Automator platform into to their existing systems.
In my time off I enjoy training for and running marathons, daily Cross Fit workouts, I’m an avid  SCUBA diver, boater and biker, and love anything to do with the water or the ocean!
I’m single with no children, and always looking for that special woman to share a life less ordinary!

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— Table of Contents —
Rocking and Rolling
1: Welcome to Stop the Rock
2: Stop Starting Over
3: $205,000 In Seven Hours
4: It’s Time to Leave Corporate America
5: Grade Schools and Jaguars
6: Rolling the Rock for the First Time
7: 911
8: Homeless Man With Too Many Houses
9: We Buy Ugly Houses
10: What Are They Paying for Your Leads?
11: It Costs Too Much to Work for a Living
12: The $50,000 Per Month Pay Cut
13: It’s Floor Wax and a Desert Topping
14: The Death of AdSense
15: The Best of Times and the Worst of Times
16: Life Teaches You Lessons

Income and Lifestyle
17: 3 Percent
18: It Has to Be Worth the Work
19: $1,000,000 Isn’t What It Used to Be
20: Never Work for Your Income
21: You Need a Big Ocean
22: The Great Ice Storm of 2011
23: The Perfect Customer
24: The 50/2 vs 2/50 Principal
25: It Takes a Team to Win the Game
26: And the Winner Is…

Entrepreneurial Alchemy
27: You Are Being Tested
28: The Perfect Business
29: But I Don’t Know Anybody in Dubai
30: I Almost Missed It
31: Inside Information
32: Opinion Is No Match for Evidence
33: The Number Don’t Lie
34: Giving Back
35: All In!
36: If Not Now When?

Don’t waste more time, get your free copy now!


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