They Can’t Eat You: My Unorthodox Path to Outrageous Success

They Cant Eat you

Do you want to learn how a high school graduate with a C+ average became a serial entrepreneur who has started, run, and sold many successful companies? If you think success only comes after following the standard high school/college/start-in-the-mailroom path, Marc Sparks is here to prove that notion wrong. Marc’s inspiring rise to success can be emulated, but with great power comes great responsibility. When everything was abruptly pulled out from under him, Marc started over with nothing, once again fighting his way to the top . . . and staying there!

Marc shares his story and then offers “Fifty Sparks” that you can use to help create your own path to success. Unorthodox and sometimes surprising (you don’t need college to be successful), Marc’s “Fifty Sparks” lay a foundation on which anyone can build his or her next venture.

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About the Author

Marc Sparks

MARC SPARKS is a serial entrepreneur with over sixty startups under his belt. Marc never went to college; however, through tenacious determination, he figured out the keys to making a business an extreme success. Marc’s current portfolio contains six active companies. In addition, he stages an on boarding of a new company and a divestiture of a seasoned company each year. Marc’s goal for this book is to empower entrepreneurs all over the world by offering them some incredible knowledge to succeed . . . knowledge Marc himself had to learn the hard way!

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