Skittles Birthday Surprise! (Skittles Adventures Book 1)


Your child’s imagination is the most active aspect of their life, and nothing seemingly compares when it comes down to reading them a book.

In this book, your child will be so caught up in the excitement and adventure of the story that your little one won’t ever want to put it down! Whether it may be bed time, or simply just an opportune time to sit down and share precious moments with your son, daughter, grandson, or granddaughter, this book is exactly what you and your child will want.

As today is Skittle’s birthday, she is more than excited, and ready to celebrate. Looking forward to all of the birthday wishes that she expected to get from all of her friends, Skittles ends up running into a series of situations that she certainly did not expect to happen! All of her friends seem to be having a great deal of trouble with various types of problems. All of Skittle’s friends need help, and the only one available is Skittle’s herself, and it just so happens to be her birthday.

Although Skittles is expecting birthday wishes and presents, she becomes disappointed when her special day became a matter of helping all of her friends with their problems. So, what did Skittles decide to do when her friends needed her help? Does Skittles make the decision to deal with her friend’s problems on her very own birthday, or does Skittles decide to simply walk away from her friends in need? Find out inside of this book!

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About the Author

Ansaar Modack

I never considered myself a writer. In fact, I still don’t! As an avid reader and sports enthusiast, my hobby plate was full. My wife, however, had different ideas. She felt there was a children’s book bouncing around inside my head, just waiting to emerge. Once I gave in to her needling my lazy Sunday afternoons were promptly replaced by the surprisingly refreshing work of writing. Writing a children’s book is like looking at the world through fresh eyes, and I jumped on this opportunity to see the world anew! I don’t consider myself a writer. But I do consider myself an adventurer, a knowledge seeker, and a child at heart! Which allows me to produce top-notch children’s books.

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