Writing Academic Papers: A Simple and Easy-to-Follow Guide for International Students


Writing Academic Papers: A Simple and Easy-to-Follow Guide for International Students is simply what it claims to be, a guide for the weary international student who is burdened with numerous writing assignments. It makes writing easier with the simple instructions as well as examples.


About the Author

E F Henry
E. F. Henry is an ESL tutor, an academic writer/researcher and also a blogger. She is a licensed teacher, major in math but her works for the past decade were more on helping students hone their oral and written English communication skills. She loves to do research on Bible themes during her spare time. She is also a mother to three college students and by design; she also serves as their personal educator, trainer and mentor.

This time, E. F. Henry wants to share the wisdom in terms of writing academic papers which she gained through the years as she mentored international students both online and offline. This could be the very help that students who are struggling in their academic papers need. What more, this could also help native speakers with their writing assignments because the contents of the book are simple enough not only for foreign students to follow but also those who simply hate writing. The tips contained herein will help you write papers in just a matter of minutes.

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