Donut Death (A Creepy Tale For Adults Only Book 3)

donut death large ad adam strong

Bruno is a mild-mannered baker from Italy, now living in the quaint little town of Terrace Heights.
Mina, the local cake artiste, is always trying to get him to impregnate her so they can get hitched and raise a large family.
Tomas, his new hire at Luna’s bakery, has his eyes on the vault in Bruno’s man cave.
Little does Bruno know that his world is about to be hot-crossed, glazed and jelly-filled.

From the author that brought you FLY and THE CRAWLING SKIN…
creepy tales for adults only!


“Donut Death (A Creepy Tale For Adults Only)” is book 3 in the Creepy Tales series by Adam Strong, and it packs more of the creepiness and power of the previous two books.

The story revolves around Bruno, a baker who was raised in Caltabellotta, Italy and moves to Terrace Heights, where he meets Mina.

As soon as Mina and Bruno meet, there is a strong attraction between them. However, with many fears from his past haunting him, Bruno is not quite ready to commit to a relationship.

Then, along comes Tomas, a young man looking for work at Bruno’s bakery, and soon he sets his eyes on Bruno’s vault. But, unknown to them, there is an unexpected visitor among them, and things start taking a very curious turn.

As in the previous books, Adam Strong’s narration is very entertaining and at times humorous, but especially powerful when it comes to the creepiness in the stories he tells.

A great read, and I’m looking forward to many more in the series.



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