Away Home

Away Home

“Away Home” is a story that will tug at your emotional heartstrings akin to “Its a Wonderful Life” and the play “Our Town.” It will show you the way to your own hometown, and the twisted route it sometimes takes to find your way out of a difficult life and into the one you were meant to have. Beautifully written.

Author’s note:
A few years ago I attended my grandmother’s funeral in a small town in Pennsylvania. She was buried in an even smaller town nearby on a hillside cemetery where many of my relatives have been buried over several centuries spanning a stretch of time back to the birth of the United States. It was the place my parents and grandparents and great grandparents and generations before them had grown up and lived most of their lives.

For the first time in my life, all of this seemed remarkable. Even more remarkable, this small hometown, really just a cluster of homes spanning two small hillsides, was the same as I remembered the last time I had been there as a kid some 30 years before. Nothing had changed, not the houses, the three church steeples, not the barely paved road that pretended to be Main Street, not anything. It didn’t seem that one warn clapboard or porch railing spindle had changed. It was still a farming community with a cluster of homes in the midst of a bucolic landscape not really near any urban center nor with anything of interest that anyone else would ever want to visit.

Yet the changelessness was stunning. Everywhere else I had been, everyone I knew, everything I knew had changed in that 30 year span, and not just a little, but a lot. So I fell in love with a place that, for a few, anchored generation after generation and defied the sea changes that whipped lives, communities, cities and towns into a frenzy across the globe. My mother would call her hometown the most boring place on Earth, yet she could never give her up.

So I wrote “Away Home” which is as much about a place as it is about the lives of those who would “give up” a small hometown. In this regard it has similar threads to Bedford Falls and the story “It’s a Wonderful Life” and Thornton Wilder’s play, “Our Town.”

Vanessa Kings’ Review

“Away Home” touched me close to the heart as I have also moved to a small town where I had been many years ago and I can definitely relate to what Clark Miller, the main character, tells in the story.

Clark meets up with his past in his hometown, and both fond memories and some he would rather forget come to the surface. In the end, it is all about a journey and the discoveries he makes along the way.

But the story provides much more than a read, as it invites the reader to ponder on the things that rush by us in our daily lives, and the things that change for better or worse, and also those that remain unchanging throughout the years. Just like the main character, so many things that we did, that we could have done, that we didn’t do and that we want to undo.

A great read, both heartwarming and humorous at times.


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About the Author

Hello and welcome. My name is L K O’Neal and I am the author of “The Theory of Everything Else,” a nonfiction thought and idea piece that should get you thinking about your own ideas, experiences and insights that may have come to you, as they have to me and everyone else, in dreams or the drowsy times between sleep and awake. The implications of these ‘found’ insights available to everyone shake the very foundation of physics and the workings of the Universe. “The Theory of Everything Else” version 2 has just been published on Kindle/Amazon eBooks. I will release a hardcover version soon.

I have a keen interest in science and the fact that science identifies an important role for consciousness in the workings of the Universe but cannot define it. So I’ve followed developments in quantum physics that many physicists believe is directly tied to observation from conscious beings. Deepak Chopra and other spiritual leaders are also exploring the connection of modern science to consciousness and describing a collective consciousness as a driving and divine force in the Universe that must be understood before science can evolve further. My book takes no exception but rather simply posits an elegant explanation of this unproven collective consciousness and its role in the Universe.

I am an engineer by training and have worked diligently in the science of electricity. This book emanates from about ten years of insights from many people that are woven together in a story that might better explain the workings of the Universe in a manner that everyone can understand.

I have also published a novel called “Away Home,” a touching piece about a small hometown that never leaves you akin in some ways to Thornton Wilder’s “Our Town” and the fictional Bedford Falls of “It’s a Wonderful Life.”

Please, if you like my books I encourage that you write a comment to share with other readers on my Amazon web page. Those who have commented have given me high marks at least so far.

What I would really enjoy and encourage from readers is your experiences with insights that emanate from dreams or the time between sleep and awake, or even out of the blue, that help you with resolving pressing issues or that prove to be accurate insights or precognitive. None of this is paranormal. It is normal and occurs to every one of us. It is a science that is just becoming recognized and emerging, finally, in mainstream science circles. You can provide your comments here at the Kindle site or you can read a little more about the book on the megachieve blog at tumblr ( where you can also leave comments.

My sincerest Thank You for your interest in reading and expanding knowledge.


If you buy the book, please remember to write a short review when you finish reading it. The author would really appreciate it!!


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