Modern Day Cowgirls (Cowboys and Cowgirls)


A collection of four modern day cowgirl stories.
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Will love blossom at Wildflower Ranch?

Charlene “Charlie” Evans is ready for a new beginning. Love certainly wasn’t one of her goals. A terrible car accident has left her unable to ride in the Rodeo World Championship Competitions. She had trained hard and worked her way up in the Women’s Professional Rodeo and Round-up, but now she must find something new to do with her life. After struggling to make ends meet, her prayers are answered when she receives an offer for a job as ranch foreman in another state. So what if she sort of passed herself off as a man? She gladly accepts the offer, hoping for something to pour herself into and take her mind off the possibility of not being able to have children. But, what if the rancher really had wanted a man for the job?

After being dumped by his fiancée, Dan Richards is offered the ranch of his dreams for a dirt-cheap price from his terminally ill uncle. Dan has loved this ranch since his childhood and jumps at the chance to get away from the pain and embarrassment of being jilted. But, when he arrives at the ranch it’s not what he had hoped or remembered. The ranch is in shambles. With no experience—or idea of what to do—where does he go from here?

Charlene and Dan aren’t what the other expected. And, the ranch is anything but a ranch at this point. Will they let disappointment ruin their lives, or can they find a way to make their dreams come true? Will Charlene let herself fall for Dan, or will he reject her for being something other than what he had expected?

Betty Barnes finds herself hundreds of miles from her Oklahoma home. Since leaving for college her heart has been twisted up from a painful breakup.

Bill spent the last few years cooking in a diner six miles from Nashville. It is painful to live so close to his dream of country music stardom yet still be out of reach.

After meeting Betty the dream reawakened and his future seems ready to launch.

Having lost the family ranch due her parents untimely death and their past debts, Samantha Marlow is forced to look for a job for the first time in her life. Accustomed to using her nickname, Sam, she is hired as a cook, based off of her resume, sight-unseen.

Jake Dampier needs someone to manage his household while he manages his ranch. He never anticipated his foreman would hire someone without interviewing them in person, especially someone as young and beautiful as Sam. The last thing he wants is a distraction—but it may turn out to be just what he needs.

Destiny Mullens shouldn’t go near Halston Kane. After all, she belongs to someone else. There, too, is her iffy relationship with her mom to contend with. The last thing she needs is to fall for one of the Kane boys.

Halston Kane, the second of three brothers, considers himself stuck in the middle, a feeling which magnifies after his mother’s death. Never on top and not able to get ahead, he’s constantly losing out. Saddle bronc riding is something he’s good at, yet lately, even there he falls short.

Then Destiny turns up at his door unexpectedly, and when sparks fly between them, it seems what they both want – each other – won’t happen until he takes the biggest ride of his life.

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About the Authors

Suzanne D Williams


Best-selling author, Suzanne D. Williams, is a native Floridian, wife, mother, and photographer. She is the author of both nonfiction and fiction books. She writes devotionals and instructional articles for various blogs. She also does graphic design for self-publishing authors. She is co-founder of THE EDGE.


Elaine Littau

Elaine Littau

Author Elaine Littau is a woman who loves life. She loves laughing and telling funny stories about Terry, her husband of 36 years. She has a passion for writing books, blogs, and articles, as well as helping other authors learn how to market books. Among other things she was a church secretary, has led women’s groups and taught preschool. She was a mentor for the M.O.P.S. (mothers of preschoolers) group in her community. Elaine and Terry reside on a small acreage near a small town in the Texas panhandle where they enjoy spending time with their family and friends. They raised three sons, and now have three daughters-in-law and four grandchildren added to their family.

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Susette Williams


Susette Williams is the mother of six, and has been married to her husband for 32 years. She loves writing various genres; anything from Amish, contemporary and historical romance, mystery, and suspense to name a few. She usually can’t resist the urge to let her ornery sense of humor shine through in one of her characters and has always believed that laughter helps you deal with the obstacles life puts in your way.

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Tina Dee


Writer who scrapbooks cooks homeschools, horrible housekeeper. I write sweet Christian romantic comedy to keep a shred of sanity …it’s cheaper than therapy…

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