Yalu And The Puppy Room


Yalu is a six week old puppy selected for a family who wants a Golden Retriever. Not only is she’s cute, fury, and brown, but has all the confidence she needs to be successful.

The problem is that the family doesn’t select her, the only candidate sent in for the interview. Now she’s the dog nobody wants.

Based on a true story, Yalu discovers how to stand out from the other dogs in her kennel and finds a forever home where she will become a family’s special princess.



“This is an adorable book for children. Yalu is a sweet and loveable character. The illustrations in the book are colorful. You’ll enjoy reading about Yalu and the Puppy Room.” by Billy

“This book was adorable and makes you want to go out and get a puppy! It was really fun to read with my daughter because it was a longer story with less pictures and she was still okay with it. I was able to put emotion in my voice so that she could hear the story as it would be read without a ton of pictures to take her attention, which was great for the transitional stage she is in as a reader. The book is great for kids ages 4-8 years of age. It can be read to the child or read by the child with ease, depending on their age and skill level. The illustrations that were in this book were great! We really enjoyed the visual effects the book had as well as the text. The pictures were cute and well done. They felt real, as if you were looking at the event taking place. I would recommend this book to friends with children in the age ranges previously stated.” by CozyReadersCorner


About the Author

Brian Yates, author of the Yalu series, resides in fabulous Las Vegas where he is a member of the Henderson Writers Group. Brian also holds a BA in history from Keene State and a Masters from University of Wisconsin. Watch for Brian’s upcoming titles Yalu and the Stinky Stink and The Adventures of Sheriff Yeager.




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