The Light Caller


This is a great novel written by Georgia trial lawyer, and former Assistant District Attorney L. Chandler Vreeland. It is a fictional account inspired by a trip Vreeland and his father took to the isalnd of Barbados many years ago. The book tells the story of John, an islander who is known as “The Light Caller”. John has the uncanny psychic ability to communicate with UFO’s and experiences many miraculous events as the book unfolds and includes the experiences of others, as well. This is a great Odyssey about one of the most important and unexplained mysteries of the universe.



“Only a southern writer; [is there any other kind?] has the ability to draw you in from the onset with what is sure to be tell-tale unlike any other. Add to the mix, that when I say, “Like no other”; .. Indeed, refreshingly! Reflections, old fashioned storytelling, he’s 80 plus years of age. Great life, wonderful stories but.. It could be the same old thing. The obliged autobiography. But ask yourself the following.. how many can recant a fulfilled life …I will stop here. I have to sneak “U. F. O.”. into the mix.. A real “U.F.O”.? Won’t spoil a thing. The result? This. The Light Caller is a tell-tale.! Wonderful work by Chandler Vreeland.” by Guy J Vanderbogart



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