Tasting Home Spotlight


A memoir about our longing for home, about the many forms that home can take, and about the role of food in our having it.

“Engaging,” “delightful and resonant” with “honesty, well-drawn characters, and plenty of insight.” Publisher’s Weekly Starred Review (“Outstanding in its genre.”)

“This is a baby-boomer’s dream: a book full of anecdotes about coming of age during the sexual revolution of the sixties — with recipes! . . . an ingeniously conceived, tightly written, and beautifully packaged memoir, a vibrant portrait of the American feminine cultural experience from the 1950s forward.” Independent Publishers

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“The book is arranged in an unusual and intriguing way: each chapter details a chronological phase of Newton’s life, followed by a recipe. Newton grew up in challenging times, when feminism, civil rights, gay rights and personal freedom were all on the table but not yet fully savored. On her personal plate was a spicy mix: a life-long love affair with delicious food, a many years’ love affair with a bisexual man, a yearning for motherhood despite relationship chaos, and finally, a return to nurse her aged mother and spend time in her parents’ youthful haunts.” by Barbara Bamberger

As a dedicated cook and cookbook reader and as a contemporary of the author, I found this book a fascinating tour of my times. And often it could have been a tour of my kitchen. I recommend it. I feel better now when I walk by that kitchen bookcase since Tasting Home has joined the survivors. I’ve made the peanut butter fudge. Okay, I’ve made it twice. Date butter is up next. Newton and I are going to get much better acquainted.” by Trilla Pando




Judith Newton is Professor Emerita in Women and Gender Studies at U.C. Davis. While at U.C. Davis she directed the Women and Gender Studies program and the Consortium for Women and Research.

Her food memoir, TASTING HOME, received the following critical acclaim:

Starred Review (outstanding in its genre)in Publisher’s Weekly Select.
First prize, autobiography, in the London Book Festival.
Silver,Women’s Studies, ForeWord Book of the Year Awards.
Bronze,memoir,Independent Publishers’s Awards.
Finalist, autobiography, from Reader’s Favorite.
Honorable mentions in the Hollywood and Southern California Book Festivals.
Finalist, autobiography, Reader’s Favorite.
“Approved” Status from Independent Reader
Finalist, memoir, National Indie Excellence Book Awards.
Honorable Mentions in San Francisco and New York Book Festivals
Two first place and four finalist awards in Womensmemoir.com Memoir Contests.



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