The Mystery of Yamashita’s Map Spotlight


Prepare to be astounded!

A tale of government conspiracies, secret bases where horrific experiments are taking place, all based on actual reports. Now featured in TV’s ‘Myth Hunters’ Series 3.

In 1945 a Japanese officer, General Tomoyuki Yamashita, buried valuable spoils of war in a network of tunnels throughout the Philippine Islands. Maps were drawn of the locations, and plans were made to return to the sites after the war to collect the treasures. However, after his arrest by the American forces and subsequent execution in 1946, all trace of the maps had vanished.

The Mystery of Yamashita’s Map takes this wartime legend and moulds it into a fast-paced Sci-fi thriller, combining, myth and mystery into a heady combination that is hard to put down.

Joe Hutchins, an American adventurer is enlisted by Professor Okada to help him decipher a map that has come into his possession. Since acquiring the map the professor is haunted by strange dreams and visions that both terrify and excite him. Only Joe can lead him to the tunnels, and to what is concealed inside.

Follow Joe and his companions as they engage in a dangerous race to find Yamashita’s gold – pursued by the ruthless and cruel gangland boss Tanaka. However, other mysterious forces are at work. Tanaka it seems, is not the only one who desires to thwart them in their quest. The team uncover an unbelievable conspiracy and a threat to the survival of the entire human race.

An explosive novel that is hard to put down.

Only $0.99!!!



“The author has revised the book and made it available on Kindle. It tells the tale of a group of treasure hunters who, armed with a map, go searching for the fabled Yamashita’s Gold in the Philippines. After a series of encounters by ‘others’ who are also after the treasure they uncover links to one of Hitler’s secret experiments and are led to an underground base in New Mexico where they find some of Yamashita’s gold. How did it get there? What was its purpose?.. This, it turns out, is the least of their problems, as they soon become aware of an unworldly conspiracy so mind blowing that it makes them question their own sanity. Is it the end of the human race as we know it?” By Alicia Mints

“Such is the mastery the author has with the pen it reminded me of the old style sci-fi writers whose stories were frequently played on the radio where you conjured up your own visions. A fusion of fact and fiction the story embroils the reader in a fascinating tale of missing treasure, the supernatural and a conspiracy theory that left me wanting more. If this novel is not a success then it would be a shame as there are a lot of best sellers out there that are not nearly as good as this offering from James McKenzie” by Alice Jones

ABOUT THE(1)51DYmZj98ML._SX150_

James McKenzie from Altens in Aberdeen is the author of The Mystery of Yamashita’s Map which he originally wrote as a screen play. Several years later he rewrote the story as a novel. This was published in hardcover by Book Guild Ltd in April 2007 and was a hot seller at the London Book Fair. It was commonly nicknamed the Indiana Jones in Print. Such was the popularity of the book that the publisher re-printed it again in 2009 as a paperback. At one time it was No.1 in Amazons new release ranking, and enjoyed immense success in Japan.



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