“My Food Journal” and “My Food Diary” by Petra Ortiz Spotlight


Fun and fruity lined pages for you to jot down your daily meals, beverages and activities.

By keeping track of what you eat and drink on a daily basis, you may be able to detect food triggers, allergens, food-based symptoms and more.

Keep track of daily physical activity and exercise with lined ACTIVITY PAGES throughout.

This diary has less prompts than MY FOOD JOURNAL.

The main page design prompts you with HOW I FEEL BEFORE AND AFTER EACH MEAL AND DRINK TODAY, and you are to write the day’s date.

The entire lined page can then be freely written on for all meals/drinks that day.


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The ACTIVITY PAGE is used a bit differently: each activity page has 21 lines with which to note the date, and the particular physical activity, exercise and or playtime you engaged in.
Some diary pages have a cute fruit in the lower right corner of the page, while others have a large fruit in the center of the page.





More prompts than MY FOOD DIARY. Lined pages have cute fruity designs; two main page designs. One has seven of the same prompt and is for one day’s worth of meals/snacks and beverages that reads “WHAT DID I EAT AND DRINK TODAY AND HOW DO I FEEL?”

The 2nd main page design lists merely FOOD, BEVERAGES, SNACKS and has more ‘space’ with which to write more freely. You can use one or both page designs for one day, or use one page per day if you wish.

Either way you will be able to glean a lot of information for not only you, but your health care provider if necessary…to determine food allergens, symptoms, side effects,etc.


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For example I now know that whenever I eat anything with MSG in it, more than likely within 24 hours I get a migraine headache that lasts around 24 hours 😦 I now know that when I eat milk chocolate [not dark chocolate] or donuts, I break out (acne) one one side of my face and neck 😦

Includes the ACTIVITY PAGE which has 21 lines to note the date, and what particular physical activity, exercise or playtime you engaged in that day.




Petra Ortiz

Petra Ortiz was born and raised in Texas but currently spends time in various parts of Washington state as well. She is a mother to 5 boys, including fraternal twins.

She enjoys providing helpful information for readers that pertain to subjects such as health and wellness, publishing and marketing, and spirituality. She produces promotional videos, book trailers and more for authors and business owners.

Petra is left-handed, and enjoys painting and reading.

She intends to learn how to play golf, and how to play the drums, her favorite sport and musical instrument.



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