The Drakon by L.C. Coyle – Spotlight and Review


What’s it like to grow up dragon? 16-year-old human/dragon hybrid Rose Sorenson will tell it to you straight. Here is all the magic of mythology clashing with the perilous journey of high school – from intrigues with ancient dragon royalty to riding in cars with boys. Irreverent and compulsively readable, Rose’s story will resonate long after the final page.

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I love Fantasy books; everybody who follows my reviews knows that. That’s why when I saw The Drakon’s cover and read its description I had to read it right away. From the prologue and until the very last sentence of the book, the author keeps the suspense and leaves you wonder what will happen and how the problems (that aren’t few) will solve.

If you are a prologue-skipper, I recommend to read it here, it will really add a very important piece of the story, that otherwise you won’t even imagine it could be possible through the book.

As for the characters, they are really well developed, even the secondary ones like Hana, Rex’s friends and John’s father (although I think he will not be just a secondary character for much longer in the next book). I loved how Rose’s teenage language felt natural, even when she was being childish and laughing hysterically, it was nice and fun to read her point of view.

As I said the suspense was latent until the very last sentence and you it just makes it impossible to try and guess what will happen in the next book.

Honestly, a wonderful story, well written, imaginative and full of surprises. I loved it!




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