Red shadow (The Witchhunter, #1) by Zoltán Pósfai – Spotlight and Review



Conley Theron had been a lone witch hunter for centuries. Some events, he mostly erased from his memory, fuel his relentless hatred toward the witches that most of the world considers old tales.

His mysterious longevity and immunity to witchcraft allowed him to become a prime predator. During his hunts, he finds traces of a witch who apparently slipped away from him for a long time.

While investigating and pursuing her, the hunt takes a twist unexpected to both. The witch home world is threatened for the first time while the hunters motives and past start to crack.


In “The Witch Hunter: Red Shadow” from author Zoltán Pósfai we follow the story of a nameless witch hunter whose longevity and immunity to witchcraft allows him to be their prime predator.

The first chapters set up the story perfectly as we come to know the man simply known as “the hunter” and his method of hunting witches, as well as a few glimpses of his past exploits. Until, one day, as he is hunting down a witch, he stumbles upon a mystery that will take him on a quest to discover the truth.

Being a fan of the genre, the book took me back to the time of classic witch hunting novels as I was disappointed at how many misfires we’ve seen lately both in novels and film, such as Season of the Witch and The Last Witch Hunter.

So, I was really glad to read a story that looks a little deeper into the characters and the background, with references that show us a bigger and more detailed world that I am sure the author will show is in even more depth in the following books of the series.



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