Art in the Dark and Other Tales by Robert Eichelberg


Art in the Dark presents a collection of short stories that come together in a journey that is by turns whimsical, ironic, frightening, and absurd. Much like the passage of life itself, these stories are mysterious and unpredictable.

Through analogy and metaphor, author Robert Eichelberg addresses a number of difficult topics-such as love, death, alienation, materialism, war, and politics-from unique new angles, bringing to light aspects of each that may otherwise be difficult to consider.

From the opening salvo of “The Only Rule,” with its shocking subject and frightening twist, to the gruesome and heartrending tale of Blue in “The Bad Dog,” each tale is imbued with at least a hint of the surreal. They remind us that our journey though life is short and that we must embrace every moment-even as we must ultimately let go.

These stories transcend the conventional and challenge your perceptions and expectations, leaving you always in awe of the wonders that remain ahead.



This is a collection of 20 short stories. The first story “The only rule” is about a magician that apparently kills his assistants for real; I wanted to read so much more about it! I hope the author considers extending the story into a full novel someday.

Another story that catch my attention was “Not drinking” about a man that constantly goes to the doctor seeking help to cure his addiction. It was fun and at the same time it could be related to many real life situations that we experience every day.

My favorite story was “Black Monday” a Sci-Fi story about an extraterrestrial huge machine appearing in the sky and threatening with “eating” Earth. It was a fabulous story and again, I wish I had more to read about it.

Despite my three favorite stories listed here, I really liked the entire book, each story it’s told differently, but still keeping the same unique narrator’s voice. Meaningful and beautifully written, this is one of the best short stories collections that I’ve read lately.




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