Win a FREE Kindle!!


Fred Esposito, the author of Hopeless to Husband, is having an AMAZING contest in his website, the grand prize it’s a brand new 7” Kindle Fire!!

All you have to do is, download his book, leave a review, and send your name and review to, by February 7th  10:00 am EST.

On Sunday, February 7th, there will be a random draw, where one of the new reviews will win the FREE Kindle. It’s that simple! The worst thing that can happen is, you read his book and get some great dating advice, or, get a few tips on how to make your current relationship better. (I’ve been told married men should read his book too!)
To download the book,click here: Hopeless To Husband

The winner will be notified via e-mail on the afternoon of February 7th.

Read more about it on the Author’s website.


1 Winner must be from the continental United States.
2. There must be a minimum of 15 entries into the contest. There are currently 25 reviews for the book. There need to be at least 40 as of 10:00 am February 7th for the drawing to take place.
3. The review must say “verified purchase” next to it on Amazon, to verify that the book was downloaded.
4. The winner can’t know the author or have ever met him.
5. Winner must be 18 years old or older.

What are you waiting? Download the book and leave a review to enter this amazing contest!!



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