Mindset: Mental Toughness in sport


Learn how to focus like a world class athlete, conquer your nerves and enjoy the challenge.

In preparation for the 2014 World Championships, the Dutch national women’s field hockey team worked together with Jackie Reardon using the Mindset method. As did the compound archer Peter Elzinga in his preparation for the Archery World Cup in Colombia. The hockey team and the archer Peter Elzinga both won gold medals.

All these extremely disciplined elite athletes were willing to use and apply the simple and practical instruments of the Mindset method to go for gold with friendly eyes. ‘Friendly Eyes’ are the foundation of achieving a balanced mind. If you look with friendly eyes, objectively and non-judgmentally – not just at yourself but also at the world around you – emotions will lose their power over you. These athletes realized that they could improve their mental toughness and at the same time enjoy the challenge of the matches even more.

In our eyes these athletes have proven that passion and drive can be combined with friendliness for yourself and others. In this way, the battle field can become a playing field once again. And that is what Mindset is all about.

The Book Mindset is written for parents, coaches and athletes of all levels, empowering them to systematically train the mental side of their discipline. It describes a new way of thinking in sport. You learn how to convert anger, impatience, tension and frustration into self-confidence and pleasure. It is not merely a mental guide for sport, but also an awareness guide, using tennis as a metaphor to realize how unconscious so much of our behavior is.




A few years ago, I had read a lot about coaching and how businesses were looking towards techniques used in sports to improve performance. The main question was “how is it that athletes keep breaking world records year after year?”

Just when we think we’ve reached the limit of human capacity, another athlete comes along and breaks another record. With the Olympics coming up, this will surely happen again.

In “Mindset: Mental Toughness in sport”, you will find the key elements that world class athletes apply to obtain confidence, focus and just enjoy what they are doing. Although there are several examples from tennis, it applies to any sport, and most importantly, even to everyday life.

Through the Mindset method, you will learn how to apply action thinking instead of story thinking, obtain better self-knowledge, and eventually reach a state of mindfulness.

The bottom line is that we always have a choice on how to approach events, and it is up to us to decide. So, whether you are an athlete or not, you will surely find this guide useful to make that change happen, starting from within.



Jackie Reardon (1962 was born in England, currently living in Amsterdam, Holland) is founder of the Mindset method. She played on the professional tennis circuit for 5 years. Jackie struggled with her emotions, over which she had hardly any control.

During a sabbatical year she came in contact with Vipassana meditation. That was the beginning of inner calm and new discoveries, and it set her life on a new course. She experimented using Friendly Eyes and Acceptance in all her work and to her great joy got better results and had more fun. Through this personal journey, she developed the ideas for her books. She has worked with world champions and Olympic gold athletes both in individual and team sport.



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